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    Hey everybody, I am a complete freaking newbie My sites been online since August, I've been with MaxBounty since Thusday and CJ since Friday. I have a question about CPA programs. On CJ and MaxBounty they use the term "Customer must complete an online purchase of our free trial product. " You see they say "purchase" "free trial", so do customers have to get the free trial then return and make a purchase or just get the free trial? This is supposed to be a per lead program. Thx ya'll

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    Each per lead campaign will have their own specifications, this is best addressed by emailing or calling your affiliate manager for those offers.
    Deborah Carney

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    Hi HeyMan,

    The advertisers also change their program terms from time to time so you should see what current terms are in effect for each one.
    Hope that helps

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    Iím assuming what they mean for that specific campaign is that if they purchase shipping of their free trial product, then you complete the acquisition. It really depends on the offer that you are running and what the terms are, some offers a consumer only has to submit a zip code to get a lead or fill out their email address. So I agree with loxly you should contact your affiliate manager and confirm with them.
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