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    Assuming a merchants name is

    In their protected keywords list it says you can't bid on:
    Blue Widgets

    It does NOT mention "and all variations", it just has those two keywords. Does that mean I should be able to run keywords like "Blue Widgets sale" and "BlueWidgets tips"?

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    It's a 50 - 50 here.

    Some merchants allow variations
    Some don't ...

    It would be nice if all merchants who does not allow variations specifically say so and all merchants who allow variations to also specifically say so .. But they don't

    Take your chance or check with the merchant!

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    Best to ask, but IMHO the intent is to NOT have you bid on those long(er) tails.
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    Check with the merchant. Some aren't aware they need to include phrases or to ask affiliates to negative keyword their restricted terms.
    Deborah Carney

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