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    Old News? Bing buying PPC ads on the Big G?
    This is probably old (or very old) news, but I just noticed this morning that Bing is buying PPC ads on the "competition."

    In responding to a post in another thread and looking for an example for my response, I happened to see a PPC ad on the SERPs for a term I was checking that surprised me.

    To me this is "interesting" to say the least: Here is a PPC ad on Goog's SERPs.
    Cheap Ocean City Hotels
    Save Time & Money With Easy Booking
    & Great Deals. Search Bing™ Travel!
    Look at that landing page URL - Yep it was encoded to "land" on a Bing SERP for "hotels ocean city."

    Is anybody else seeing things like this? Or am I just very late to the party?
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    Talk about interesting arbitrage
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    It's been going on for at least a month or two.

    Google still allows "dictionary buys" and arbitrage from people like ask, about, or bing. Not sure why.

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    Google probably has decided that they have nothing to lose in sending users to Bing & Bing probably thinks the user will stick around/bookmark.

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    I don't mind some Microsoft money being spent on my content pages.
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