30 Day EPC: $87.83
30 Day Conversion: 4.18%
30 Day Average Sale: $170.07
Commission: 15%

ANSR.com is still a young affiliate program on ShareASale but it has done well for affiliates in its first three months. It certainly helps when the average order is $170 and we pay 15% commission.

ANSR uses LED light therapy to treat anti-aging and acne outbreaks and restore the skin. ANSR's formulated photodynamic treatment rejuvenates the surface of the skin safely at home. The creative in ShareASale reflects the red-light, blue-light therapy. Affiliates can choose which banner suits their audience best, anti-acne or anti-wrinkle.

We have ongoing affiliate promotions and we just uploaded our first trackable video in ShareASale. It's perfect for your site or blog. Very professional and explains ANSR extremely well. Beauty sites have been embedding its Youtube version already so switching to a trackable link makes sense.

Join ANSR on ShareASale.