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We have some very exciting news from Kiyonna.com. While continuously aiming to meet the needs of our customers, we have lowered our prices! This doesn’t mean that we sacrifice the quality of our clothing or customer service; we are simply “keeping up with the times”. We are confident that these new lower prices will help to increase productivity on your site!

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Kiyonna Clothing Strips Down

Anaheim, CA – December 4, 2009 - Don’t worry, the women’s plus-size fashion brand (sizes 10-32) has not dropped their drawers, but rather prices.

The catalyst behind this ground breaking decision came from the curvy consumer herself. Via Facebook, Kiyonna conducted a survey to learn more about the needs, wants and shopping habits of their current and potential customers. One valuable lesson was that women were overwhelmingly still hungry to buy but were certainly more careful about spending their discretionary income.

Armed with this knowledge, Kiyonna streamlined their operations to maximize efficiencies. This required adjusting their current offerings to more budget conscious price points. New collections are being designed with a focus on fashion-forward silhouettes that transcend the seasons. Prices are the only thing that Kiyonna has decided to lower. Frugality in fashion does not mean that quality, fabric or customer service have to suffer. If anything, these are facets that are continually improving.

"We're only in business because of her. So, we listened to our customer and gave her what she wanted without sacrificing the great things we stand for. It was that simple." says Kim Camarella-Khanbeigi, Passionate Founder and CEO.

With cocktail dress offerings from $98 to $148, separates from $36 to $116, plus size women everywhere can indulge in her love for fashion without any of the financial heartache.

With this renewed strategy, Kiyonna is seeing a lot more green. Despite the current economic environment, customers have responded with strong retail sales. The wholesale division is experiencing a renewed life as boutique owners are seeing an even greater profit margin for themselves while offering their customers more frugal fashion finds.

In business since 1996, Kiyonna continues to evolve not just with the fashion trends but with the current social and economic times. Fashion without the financial heartbreak . . . this is certainly not just a fleeting trend but a smart and savvy approach to dressing.