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    How To Access Private Forums: AM, OPM, Networks, Affiliate Taxes, Adult Topics
    If you are an Affiliate Manager, an Outsource Program Manager or a Network Rep, you can now request access to the appropriate private forums and titles through the forum:

    There is a new menu option for Group Memberships in the Control Panel where you can request access.

    I will need to be able to verify that you belong in one of those groups. The easiest way for you to do that is if use an email address from your company and your web site clearly shows that you have an affiliate program or what your role in the industry is. If I can't easily verify that you need access, I will need to contact you for further details.

    To clarify what the groups are:

    AMs - A dedicated affiliate manager for a merchant who has an affiliate program.
    OPMs - A company that manages affiliate programs for multiple other companies.
    Affiliate Network Rep - An employee of an affiliate network. An affiliate network primarily deals with percent of sale offers, not leads or actions.
    CPA Network Rep - An employee of a CPA network. A CPA network deals primarily with leads, offers or CPA deals.
    Ad Network Rep - All other types of networks, including CPC networks (like AdSense), CPM network, display ad networks, etc.

    You may only choose one of these group. If you fit in multiple groups, please choose the most appropriate one.

    In addition to these groups, we have two other private groups available to join:

    Affiliate Taxes - For private discussion of tactics for battling the affiliate nexus legislation being proposed in numerous states. All affiliates are encouraged to join this group. Requests for admission must be approved by one of the leaders.

    Non-Mainstream Affiliate Marketing - For (nongraphic) discussion of adult affiliate programs and other non-mainstream affiliate marketing topics that may not be appropriate for all audiences.
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