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    Feature Request
    Amazon now has a system where in a couple of clicks you can add any product to Twitter. Sure would like to see this from SAS. If you try to add SAS product links their too long with a description.

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    SAS is a network, it doesn't have products of its own—it is not similar to Amazon. Most merchants who work with SAS don't allow you to post affiliate links other than on a website you own or in newsletters that your readers sign up for (and not all merchants allow email links either). You can use Twitter to send readers to your web page.

    You'll have to read each merchant's TOS to find out what they allow an affiliate to do.
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    janew - this is an interesting concept and I think more merchants will allow you to post to twitter and other social networks. We allow it. It is a market untapped, I believe.

    Using ShareaSale's Create a link tool, you could do so post a comment with the link.

    Happy New Year to you!
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