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    Anyone Used Artisteer?
    Just wondering if the software is worth the time... basically for designing wordpress templates. I'm just looking for a way to crank out small wordpress sites on product domains that I have sitting around - I might as well get a little use out of them, at least until I can flesh them out fully. Anyone purchased or used it before? Any good?
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    I used it on one site (you can visit it thru my profile). It was fast, easy and I think the results are ok. Mine is the drupal version, and I only ended up having to change one little thing in the template.php to get the additional regions working.

    If you have a few sites that you want more or less custom templates for, I think artisteer is pretty good. Of course, you get a somewhat cookie-cutter feel, but no worse than on most cms templates.

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    I know you can try it out for free and play around with it first, it'll have the watermarks on the pages during trial. Another thread on it, was curious about it myself -

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    I've used it twice! Once to design my wedding site, and another to do one up for my plumber. Super easy for very quick, simple sites.

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    I've used it on a few sites, it is easy and gives you all the choices and options to control the look. They recently updated the program and now you can only save your work if you have a paid version. They allow you to use it on two computers with the license. It works OK in MAC too but has some issues, it is considered beta for Mac.

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    I suggest to use Codelobster PHP Edition with special WordPress plug-in for customizing your WordPress templates.

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    I just tried Artisteer. Very easy interface! Give the trial a try to see what you think.
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    Another interesting, free option is Thematic, a WP framework. Requires getting your hands a bit more dirty, but pretty easy to use with the "child" theme concept. There are several free ones offered, you can customize for a less "cookie-cutter" look and feel.
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    I have not tried this service in a little over a year so I'm not sure how compatible it is with the latest Wordpress installations, but if you can make a design using some html/php and images then use ThemesPress at to generate your theme for $10.

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