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    Everyone here knows that hotel bookings are probably one of the most competitive fields on the net today. Initially, I went with Expedia for hotel bookings and air fare bookings. And had dismal luck.

    So, many months ago, I switched over to TravelNow. And sales have been coming through. TravelNow has also been great to work with.

    More interestingly, TravelNow tracks phone orders (at least for private label sites). About half of my sales have been through phone orders.

    Makes me wonder how many phone sales I lost through the Expedia program as well as other affiliate programs that do not track phone sales.

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    Its the exact opposite for me, very slow trickle of bookings thru Travelnow, but Expedia have been a huge success. Just wish they would increase their affiliate payout!

    Tried a few others, but only seem to get success with Expedia. Presumably as its a well known brand and consumers go for it.

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    How much do you two think private branding affects success? Was the traffic for your Expedia based and TravelNow based sites the same?

    I would imagine the phone-in issue on a private branded site might be because visitors are uncomfortable with an unknown name unless they can actually prove existance with a phone call.

    Good topic for discussion!
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    In general, we find that private label sites work better. However, for some sites, using our brand (available with a phone call or email- we can switch the look quickly) has improved sales.

    If you have a great looking or trusted site- I'd suggest the private label.

    Coupon and discount sites sometimes do better with a brand name.
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