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    Another newbie Question
    Hi all,

    One thing I heard that works well is selecting a URL that is very similar to your selected niche. But what happens when you find various sub niches that contain good SEO numbers, but would be very boring to blog/dedicate a site to? Would it be best to name the URL after the sub niche, but blog around the parent niche in order to keep fresh/informative content on your website?

    I'll try to use an example. This is not what i'm planning, but should be similar to what i'm trying to do. Let's say I wanted to blog about hockey. The issue with hockey is that the keyword is too wide open and would be very hard to reach google. But let's say I found a few sub-niches that are very good with SEO such as "hockey stick tape", "hockey goalie equipment", and "hockey playoff tickets" (these are just examples).

    My thinking is starting a hockey blog at a site like would never be found in Google, but a hockey blog at would not be what people were looking for. So is the best approach to find another subniche that would be good to write about and add my subniches as posts/pages within my blog? Or would just creating a hockey blog doing the same thing be just as efficient?

    Hope this post makes sense! Thanks!!

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    Ideally, create a distinctive brand that contains your keyword "hockey."

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