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    Question Tweet Capture Sites
    Greetings all,

    I would like to start a discussion on the following:

    Are tweet capturing sites unethical when they are capturing coupons tweets, deals from other affiliates/ which then are reposted onto there site(s) with there own affiliate codes for redirects?

    Isn't this another form of scrapping?

    For the affiliate managers - Do you allow these types of sites into your programs?

    For the couple of uber guys who work at the Networks - Do you allow these types of sites, does it break Terms / Policies?

    Thanks for reading and any comments shared!
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    I see this being done by a site for my coupon tweets. Seems shady to me.

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    If you aren't privacy protecting your tweets, they all go out via an open API. There would be no way to police this IMO. While I don't condone them rewriting your aff ID, once you put something out there in Twitter, regulating how it's used at this point in time is pretty much impossible.

    You can block users that you find pulling your codes, but I am really not sure how that affects people using the API to pull feeds from Twitter searches, and not from logged in viewing individual streams. That would be something to contact twitter and see how you can block, but pretty sure their answer will be "set your stream to private". Which means only people that follow you can see what you tweet.
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    If I go into a crowded room and start yelling things, should I be concerned if someone writes down what I say and posts it on the internet?


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