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    My Next work | Its Shop-N-Jam
    Well , Although I wrote a datafeed plugin for wordpress, my earlier plugin loaded all the posts directly into wordpress core tables which I thought is not right since I wanted something better.

    Better in the terms of configuring what to display in the frontpage, what to display in the storefront, and what to list based on keywords as suggested by deb.
    Although I got hold of a affiliate shop builder script It didn't have much themes to setup, hence I ran that script into my wordpress and utilized the tables created by that script to write a newstorefront plugin for wordpress.

    It will have the below features.

    1. Support to all types of datafeeds (csv/pipe/tab) file. [Independent of wordpress].(May be that other script needs to be purchased)
    2. Can setup what category to display as wordpress category menu.
    3. Can setup keyword based category menu.
    4. Can setup how many products go to frontpage.
    5. Can be used to setup multiple affiliate stores.
    6. Can select display type (grid/list).

    No excerpts/ no thumbnails to think of.

    I have lot of work to do since its only half complete, but just wanted to give you all a early access to the working demo at

    Its called Shop-N-Jam !

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    December 1st, 2009
    Bangalored unfortunately
    Updated Feature :
    1. Setup multiple affiliate stores.
    2. CategoryMenu is the combination of Product Category + Wordpress Category (as Shop Root category).

    For Demo Visit:

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