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    January 17th, 2005
    I am just finished going through an all bunch of newsletters I received over the week end...between coding, optimizing my site and adding new offers, this is unfortunately an extra step...but a needed one.

    All the merchants provided different formats, some provide affiliate links or others none!

    So what do we really need?

    I like:
    Offer Name | Start Date | End Date
    Offer Description
    Affiliate link

    Plain text, no blabla.

    And what about you guys?

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    Ironically, the merchants who I would most like to do newsletters, don't.

    However, you're right - a common datafeed format would be useful. Care to write one?
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    I rarely read merchant newsletters any more.

    This as a way of communication is becoming too much like spam.

    Way too many, way too often, mostly filled with puffery and hot air.

    That stupid job description in the other thread said they wanted the AM to do a twice weekly newsletter. They would all be trashed by me as soon as I got them. If you have three hundred merchants, do they really think you are going to read six hundred newsletters each week? Or, as a merchant, are they just so darned special?

    Merchants should have a special place on their site where interested affiliates can go to get the news and updates as needed.
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    problem with newsletter

    - unknown source identity
    - not concise, use many words to say simple thing
    - include error, mistake
    - unclear offer description
    - too small type fonts, such as cj's email
    - filter out by spam filter, use email that cannot whitelist
    - fancy color that is difficult to read
    - send out late
    - duplicate ( more than one email )
    - dupliacte ( send again a few days later )
    - wrong reply to email address
    - do not attach the refer link in email, waste time to log in to hunt for the link

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    It seems like something someone could create using an RSS feed and affiliates could either check out the blog on the site, or subscribe to individual links from merchants. It could be coded in such a way to conform to a somewhat limited look and feel (for ease of reading)

    This may address some issues, but not all.

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