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    November 9th, 2009
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    Google Wave
    Is anybody using Google Wave yet?

    I've had an invite for awhile and have used it a little but I'm not finding it super useful yet...


    Sorry if this has been discussed in another thread...

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    Quote Originally Posted by twicks
    'm not finding it super useful yet...
    Me either. Because it is meant for you and your contacts AND it is invitation only right now, we can't realize the true potential simply because your contacts don't have it.

    Once everyone has it, I can see it being useful to certain groups: students, organizational teams, etc. - but I don't really see it catching on for the use Google suggests like organizing parties and such. We have Facebook for that.

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    " we have facebook for that"

    I think it's best to keep some things out of google's control.

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    I also have Google Wave and do not use it right now. I think it will come in handy for some projects in the future.
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    I am thinking ThinkTank won't be held at a resort any more...

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    Until you can golf with Google Wave, I'm thinking you're wrong.
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    We've got Google Wave accounts to use with one of our vendors, but we haven't had to collaborate on anything yet, so we haven't used it. The video showing what it can do, though, makes it look very promising.

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    we have used to build out a new project together with our team. i like seeing people edit their comments on the fly. wave is kind of like our new wiki environment. it is ok (as long as i remember to login to it).

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