Webgains US data feeds are live at PopShops.com!

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with PopShops.com and you can now promote your favorite Webgains partner program’s products and deals using the award-winning affiliate tools from PopShops.com. Visit PopShops.com to create your free account and build your storefront or tap into their API. Best of all, with PopShops, you keep 100% of your commissions. In addition see our exclusive coupon code below.

Build custom product showcases and storefronts
1. Create a FREE account at PopShops.com and build your own storefront or custom solution.
2. If you are non-technical, you can easily build and customize your shop, then copy and paste a couple lines of code from PopShops. PopShops dynamically keeps the product images, prices, availability, and more up to date in your shop. Your site visitors will be able to browse through our entire catalog and find exactly what they are looking for, without leaving your website.

If you have technical resources, you can plug directly into the PopShops Data Pack deals and products database with Search API and build the custom solution that suits your site.
PopShops special offer

Webgains has secured for its affiliates an exclusive 10% discount on any PopShops.com premium plan. Don’t forget to enter promo code ‘WebgainsUS’ for a 10% discount. This exclusive code gives you 10% off any plan for as long as you are on that plan. You still will get any pre-paid plan discount and the 30-day free trial with this discount.