Here is the response from my congressman (in response to my email I think this is very encouraging as it does appear that legislative action will be required (and my guess would not pass in Colorado). Also it appears the initial document talking of "copying" the "New York Nexus" is still at proposal level. All in all I'm still semi-confident Colorado will not let this happen (for now).

"Dear xxx,
Thank you very much for bringing this issue to my attention. I was not aware of the specifics of this proposal until reading your email. Because of the information you provided, I share your serious concerns.

Even though it appears the Governor can order implementation of these procedures without legislative action, because of procedural protections in our state laws, legislative action is required to sustain the proposal.

Therefore, I will get involved in this issue and see what we can do.

Colorado does face a significant revenue challenge, as does every other state and the nation and world as a whole. But we must not be shortsighted in addressing the budget challenges. It seems, as you indicate, that implementing this change would cost us more in other ways.

I appreciate the Governor coming forward with a menu of recommendations to address Colorado's budget shortfall, but my guess is that he has not yet fully analyzed all of the staff recommendations. I will make sure he has the benefit of your information and my hope is he will agree with us.

I'll stay in touch with you as things proceed. Thanks again.