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    February 23rd, 2009
    All My Links Are Not Working
    Since last night I noticed that almost ALL of my links are not working. I have more than 300 shops and the majority of the links are no longer going to the product being clicked.

    So far today I get one of the following messages after I click a link in my shop:

    Sorry, we couldn't find

    Sorry, we couldn't find “”

    Sorry, we couldn't find

    I sent an email to '' but I have not received a response.

    Please help
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    Mine are working just fine
    MERCHANTS: Start showing your coupons directly on your site, that way your shoppers will stop leaving your site looking for them!! If not then remove your Coupon Box!!

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    Yes, sadly I'm in California
    When this happens, run a traceroute from your system to, and make a copy to have on hand in case PopShops needs it. On the rare occasion when I've seen similar link breakage, a traceroute often reveals a node along the way to PopShops that has failed or is being rerouted.

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