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    Just got a C&D from these kooks. Seems they don't understand hotlinking to a merchant.

    So I called them up and talked to them for a bit (actually i called their legal team who laughed, and gave me their number). Netenforcers search for images, text, etc for their clients. When they find images not on known websites they submit them to their clients.

    The clients then review the sites/images and tell netenforcers to pursue action. Action includes C&Ds to the registered name and hosting provider.

    The client can also prompt action on their own, sending requests to netenforcers and asking them to take action. Using netenforcers to track compliance etc. In these cases, netenforcers does not internally audit the claim, they just send away.

    Netenforcers does not keep a papertrail of who initiated the complaint, them or their client. So I was unable to find out who couldn't see the obvious - the image was hotlinked to overstock.

    The guy at netenforcers agreed that the issue should have not gotten this far, but then kind of danced around how much they check, and their stance on hotlinking. I suspect they get paid per action, so more actions for them, the better - that is a guess not a fact.

    So if you are getting more C&Ds than normal lately, check the end of the C&D notice, is it from netenforcers? I have a feeling we will all be seeing more of them.


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    Any way of indentifying their robot? Easier to block vultures like these at the door than to have waste time with C&D letters sent by nitwits.


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