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    Once you webmasters both made a deal to link exchange between sites, I'm sure you would not forget to check your reciprocal link from that guy's site at that time. But how can you make sure the link for you is still exist in that guy's site after 1 month, 1 year...Don't tell me that you'll check them all manually, that's a huge & tough project.

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    This might be a good starting point
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    You can get a link checker somewhere (Commission Junction?), I think it's called link manager.

    I check my reffer logs to see if I got any visitors from that site. That doesn't say if my link is on their site but it does tell me that it probably isn't worth swapping with them any way.

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    I use linksmanager. It has some bugs, but in general, it's really good. But, I also do a lot of customization to the system, to improve upon a few things that I don't like on linksmanager.
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    I see Linksmanager showing up in my logs frequently, so I know there are a lot of people using it. I checked it once, but have never taken the time to implement it.

    I do scan my stats for referrals every couple of months. If I notice a site I have listed for recip linking isn't referring anyone, I go check in person. I also make it a habit to make sure the sites I link out to are still working, and not redirecting to something bad.

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    I manually check every link.

    After I add a request for an exchange, I'll go to the site a month later and see if my link is there. If not, I respond to their original email with note saying that their link has been deleted. I generally get one or two responses from somebody who add the link.

    About once a year, I'll go through every link on my site to make sure a reciprocal link still exists. If it doesn't, I delete site is gone.

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