I'm having bit of an issue with SH sales not reflecting in my CJ account.

I have created both my CJ account, and my SH affiliate account directly at affiliate.stubhub.com.

I've entered my proper PID (website id) not my account id on my affiliate.stubhub.com account. I've added a few hyperlinks to my website and had a friend make 2 purchases over 3 days ago, and they are not recording in my CJ account.

Any ideas what might be wrong? The hyperlink i'm using was a standard one just for "concert tickets". My friend then searched for a performer, and purchased the tickets.

I have noticed also on CJ, if I find SH directly on there and I try to apply for one of their programs, I get an instant "you have been declined". Is that normal? I assumed that is because they want you to get the links on affiliate.stubhub.com rather then cj, and they just cj as a recorder for the affiliate tracking so to speak?

Also this maybe a silly question, although does the website that I tested the link on have to be the same matching url of my PID for it to work properly?

Many Thanks