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    Dealing with Frustration
    Hey guys,

    I just thought i would share with you some techniques i use which help me deal with the frustration i often feel when i am working in this industry.

    Because there is such a significant emphasis on self-education, it is so easy to get lost, overwhelmed and frustrated with the lack of real breakthrough.
    Everyday you work in this industry is another step forward and if you become conscious of this then you can really tap into its momentum.

    Here are 8 tips for dealing with frustration:

    1. Change the nature of the frustration, identify what is actually frustrating you and change its nature. Become consciously fascinated by it. This will make you feel better.

    2. Find out what is actually working in this situation? What is actually going right? and how do you improve this?

    3. Create an accomplishments log where you right down everything you accomplish. It gives you re-assurance that although it may not feel like it you are making progress.

    4. Focus on what you want to happen? what is the big picture? We often get too wrapped up in one problem we forget what we were originally trying to accomplish.

    5. Remove the noise and simplify your approach. We often get so caught up in trying to find a solution that we add necessary clutter and tasks to a project because we thought that they may be a solution. An example here is getting sidetracked by some other advice about the best ways of building a website.
    Believe in yourself , simplify and go back to basics. Anything that is taking time and effort that isnt adding value should be eliminated.

    6. Take Action, frustration causes you to not want to work on it anymore. Push through this and realize that: many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

    7. Visualize a positive outcome to the situation. See yourself achieving the desired outcome, what would it look like? what would it feel like?
    Take time to visualise it and really feel it! Your subconscious will guide you

    8. Stay positive, this time of frustration will pass. A positive mind is far more open to solutions and answers than a negative one.

    You will realize that the more successful you become the more you will have to deal with frustration. The people that really find success are the ones that adopt the above tips into their thinking and can overcome and persist through these difficult periods.

    Hope this is helpful

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    In a hurry so short response but very helpful and good advice. Havin a positive attitude definitely is good.

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    Nice post. I think this can be applied to a lot of situations and not just aff mkt.

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