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    One of my sites is a "fishing pole" site (not, of course). Went along happily the last couple years earning $15,000 - $20,000 a month just from this one site.

    Here's a graph of the sales:

    Raise your hand if you can spot the day we switched from drop-ship relationships (when customer clicks the ORDER button, it goes to OUR shopping cart, the sale is ALWAYS recorded, no parasite stole a cookie, the money ALWAYS is in our account within 48 hours)...

    to an affiliate relationship, where the customer sees the same graphic, reads the same product description, clicks the same ORDER button, but this time goes to the merchant's shopping cart.

    Yep! Sales dropped in half at the same exact moment we made the switch!! Then proceeded in a steady decline!!

    To compensate, we doubled the amount of fishing poles. Then doubled again. All that did was maintain our loss at a steady 1/2.

    So we added more fishing pole merchants. All of them! If the fishing pole is made, it's on our site! I lost count, but it feels like we've added so many pages that 1 out of every 3 pages on the internet is ours!! Again, all that did was keep us at 1/2 our normal income!

    Only thing left was drawing more people into the site. We all know how much work that is! But we succeeded. We get as many visitors as there are fishermen in the US!!! Here's a graph of how many more people we've been getting:

    Both graphs speak for themselves. Something definately happens to sales in affiliate marketing.

    I know some people will ALWAYS phone in their order.

    I know parasites will always "skim off the top"

    I know some sales are lost with no explanation other than a "freak and rare" event...

    But taken all together... they add up to BIG TIME losses for all us affiliates. And it frustrates the hec out of me.

    This is just ONE website of all the countless affiliate websites out there. And someone - other than me - is getting $10,000 a month that used to go to me!!

    I do MY job! I loose control immediately after the customer clicks, and that's where ALL the problems seem to lie. The people in charge of the events AFTER the customer clicks are NOT doing their job. To the detriment of myself and every other affiliate.

    Ah! Sometimes it's nice to vent!!

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    Good topic!!!

    are you telling me that you have a site for fishing poles that earns you that much money a month,. damn boy i would be dancing like a man possesed if i could even get $2000 a month! from 5 sites...

    Second im not understandthing this.. originally you had dropship ship site right?

    then you got rid of that and started doing affiliate fishing poles?

    what works best dropship or affiliate? as i cant make sense of all your graphs and goings on lol...

    last... if your doing affiliate are you telling me you have intergratred a merchants shopping cart into your site? damn how in earth can you do that... that would make it look more real..

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    so switch back to drop-shipping and hire someone to do the paperwork?

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