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    Any fans on here?

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    Hi, I've noticed these events growing in popularity over the past year, plus arenacross. Very interesting to me. I used to like watching trial bike events in England as a kid, but haven't been to one of these here in the USA.

    I used to love watching those guys thread their way up a near-vertical mud hill, over tree roots and hopping up over steps, etc.

    good stuff methinks.
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    count me in
    I used to love MX and then the love passed. But then I got indoctrinated into video games and the first video game I bought was MX vs. ATV. It was then that my appreciation for MX was rejuvenated. I never cared for quad races but thanks to the video game I now appreciate quad racing. I don't have cable so I go to YouTube to view the real thing though in the future I might hit a few local races if there are any local races in the San Diego area who knows, I don't. I enjoy watching the amateurs as much as I do the pros. Supercross is okay though I much prefer the natural terrain that the nationals have to offer. My favorite racer was / is the incredible Danny 'Magoo' Chandler and Bob 'Hurricane' Hannah. And I love to look at pics of the old school MXers from the 60's / 70's like Roger Decoster on a CZ, Joel Robert on a Suzuki, etc, the Russians on their KTM's / CZ's, Jim Pomeroy on a Bultaco, the old Ossa's, those tracks were awesome the fans would show up for a Sunday race wearing a suit and tie the women in a dress, wow images like that, that's what makes the Internet special. Flickr is another good source for images Flickr's images are not always picked up by Scroogle or Yahoo's search engines so it's best to go to Flickr to use their internal search engine if you have a need to find that special image that you have your heart and mind set on seeing.

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    Been in Motocross for 20+ years and absolutely love it. Actually I have some good domains related to mx that I'm working on developing this winter. I've owned them for years but never had the time.

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