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Thread: New Nutrisystem Creative Available 12/26

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    New Nutrisystem Creative Available 12/26
    As you know, Diet Season is almost upon us, and we are looking for your continued help to make this a great success with the Nutrisystem program. Starting December 26th, you will begin to see significant push on TV, in print and with your help all over the web. To help us hit the ground running I will need you to act as fast as possible to update your content to reflect the new ads and copy available in the platform on the 24th in support of this push

    Key Points:

    1. The new campaign will be focused on having all channels present 1 uniform offer (2 weeks + Jumpstart). Starting the 26th that will be the default offer for each and every copy point and banner.

    2. There will be updated banners and copy available to you to pick up and post on the 24th. On the 25th the links will be live and going to the new landing page.

    3. Be sure to update your copy points and banners as soon as they become available as that will significantly improve your conversion.

    Keep in mind Nutrisystem does not allow Brand term bidding, forcing clicks or URL high jacking (please review the T&Cís). If you are identified as abusing any of the terms, you will promptly be removed from the program.

    I'm confident that this coming season will be one of the best, and I am looking for your greatest efforts to drive increased orders.

    Happy Selling!
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    A new creative group has also been added to the Nutrisystem management area. Please go to Offer Banners and select "January Jump Start Banners" to begin promoting the Jump Start 2010 promotion.

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