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    I have registered a domain and found a host, What next?
    Hey guys,

    I have registered a domain with GoDaddy and set up a hosting account with Hostgator. I am just curious as to the correct next step from here. I have been given my nameservers from hostgator and made godaddy aware fo them by adding them into my godaddy domain manager.

    Have my DNS changes now been made?

    Is there anything else i need to do from a server perspective to have my website running to Hostgators servers such as filling in the host and IP addresses under the "Host Summary" section????

    Godaddy and Hostgator experts i call on you

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyparks16

    Godaddy and Hostgator experts i call on you
    You have done the basics. Theses procedures are the same regardless of who your registra and host are. You did well by separating the two.

    Now decide what you want to do or say on your website and go to it.
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    Hi andyparks16,

    If, when you access your domain through your browser, you see the hostgator default index page, then you have successfully pointed your domain to your hosting server.
    If that is the case, then you are ready to setup your actual website. You can use a web design software on your computer to build your site and then upload your website files to your hosting server.
    Or you can use any of the scripts available on your hosting server control panel (wordpress, joomla, website baker, etc.) to build your site.
    Happy building!

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