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    Chicken or the Egg?
    I am (clearly) new to affiliate marketing, with only an Amazon astore site that I use AdSense to promote. I've been reading articles and postings in ABW for a while; something that has always seemed confusing to me as I look to ramp up my affiliate efforts, is this: Am I expected to have a website up and running before applying to be an affiliate and promote their products? A primary reason I would want to join a network like CJ or LinkShare or whatever, is to get access to a large number potential products they offer to promote on my website(s).

    If I'm expected to have established website with traffic before being accepted by an affiliate network, where am I supposed to find products to promote?

    Seems confusing to me, but perhaps I am missing something that has twisted my thought process about this.

    I've not seen this exact question posted in these forums, so that's why I'm asking it. Thanks in advance for the advice and recommendations that may come forth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IrishQue6
    Am I expected to have a website up and running before applying to be an affiliate and promote their products?
    I believe most affiliate programs prefer an affiliate with an existing website.

    If you would like to focus on certain products from a certain company/merchant with an affiliate program, one way to accomplish this is to see if Amazon has related products [you said you have some experience with Amazon] and build a site using Amazon products.

    Or you could create an informational site.

    If you apply to SAS programs there is a field where you can indicate your plan to promote the merchant you are applying to.
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    There are some merchants that want an established site before they will accept you into their program but I've found that most will understand that you are starting up and give you a shot. Be detailed in your little application paragraph telling what you are going to do and how you plan to attract traffic. I've found about 4 out of 5 will accept you. If you are turned down by a specific merchant you really need for your program, email to their affiliate manager and plead your case in even more detail. I've had fairly good luck with this approach.

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    @IOWNIE - Uhhh... thanks. I think...

    @ Rhia7 - Great advice. I think I will begin moving in that direction and keep working at it.

    @micheck - Going forward, I will keep your points in mind and make a personal appeal if I am declined in the future. Thanks.

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    Most merchants that don't autoapprove require a website, but it doesn't need to have exceptional traffic. Some networks also require a website to get approved. If you apply and have a site in mind, then tell them on your application, but generally you need to have something that already exists that you want to add products to sell to.

    The days of just setting up mall sites are pretty numbered, you need to have a site that gives more value than just putting up a bunch of links, which is why merchants want to see a website in progress (any smart person knows a website is never "finished".
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    I agree with loxly...I don't think your site needs to be 'complete', but it does need to have some valuable content on it.

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