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    How are the 'HappyJack' folks doing?
    Thinking over my communication system for the next year and considering dropping the land line for something like HappyJack - thoughts???

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    I gave up my landline a few months ago and got MagicJack. The sound quality isn't very good and sometimes it forgets to ring my phone and just takes a message.

    If it's an important call I use the cellphone which is much better.

    Some people are quite happy with MagicJack.
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    jacked by sylon
    I've got internet telephone through my cable company and it great if you do it that way but I've heard magicjack sucks.

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    Had MagicJack on a couple of lines for about a year now.

    It's medium quality....

    But it's cheap.

    Miss Donna hit it on the head...

    If it's an important call, use a land line or a cell.

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