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    Are hosting affiliate programs still worth pursuing?
    I wanted to add another income stream to my online income and considered joining a hosting affiliate program. Are they still worth pursuing. I know it's a very competitive niche, with that said are there still good opportunities for hosting affiliate commissions?


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    I put a hosting link at the bottom of nearly all my sites, and in the years I've been doing this, I've only had a handful of commissions generated from them. I've had much, much better luck with personal recommendations. Whenever a friend, family member or Twitter follower asks about web hosting, I'm there with a link. I don't even try to work that space because like you said, it's so competitive - which is not to say it can't be done... but it's not something that appeals to me.
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    What Daniel has said is my experience as well.

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    You might look at putting up a hosting review site but do something unique and different. All of those hosting review sites are affiliates.

    I can tell you from personal experience that market is very saturated because that is one of those markets that has a very low cost of entry.
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    Having managed a domain/hosting merchant for over two years I agree with Patrick. If you feel you can get visitors to your site you can make some of the highest commissions possible. We pay $90 to $280 for annual hosting package sales and have private offers for the big players up to $350 commissions. PPC and organic rankings are highly competitive so will need to look at other methods to drive sales. iNet which recently purchased ABW is one of the largest advertisers for hosting with huge forums:

    Small businesses are looking for inexpensive ways to get online but it has been difficult to work with sites that focus on SMB. They are only interested in advertising money. Local businesses are lost in how to monetize so you may find opportunities there.

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    the hosting affilate is very competitive think outside the box when promoting the web hosting niche like offline advertising like newpapers and maybe go local

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    Commissions are high but so is the competition. Carve out a hosting-niche, provide lots of resources and help for visitors, and eventually you will make some money off the organic traffic you get.
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