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    How many of you are using PPC as a tool for your business?

    If you are, are you concentrating on MSN, Yahoo or Google?

    I have used PPC in the past and am thinking about getting back in to it. From what I have seen MSN and Yahoo are a little less strict and the people who search there seem to be a little more likely to buy. Has anyone else found this to be true?

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    I would say Yahoo and MSN are strict too. I have a campaign and both declined my words while Google had no problem with the same keywords!

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    MSN (aka live aka bing or whatever Microsoft names it) is a SE of newbies. They buy pretty well but they never go deep into search result. Relatively never, of course.
    Yahoo is another story. It's an SE of old non-techy folks. People who were (are) rich enough to taste internet at the beginning - but not IT enough to not switch on Google.

    Talking about third grade PPCs like 7search of miva (former findwhat) - unless you work with illegal pharma - don't deal with them. They supply garbage. is in the middle. You can use them but you have to keep an eye on them all the time. There are two ways ot get on 1) Ask's ad center AND/OR 2) Google AdWords. Direct deal may sounds more attractive but evil is hiding in details (evil does so always but we'll not start theological discussion now ) So - if you pay to Google then Ask shows you to only. If you pay to Ask directly then Ask shares your ad with third grade PPCs. Simply speaking: you pay $1 per click to Google and gets $0.50 so Ask ranges you accordingly. If you pay $1 to Ask directly then you obtain better position – but Aks will deliver 10 more clicks for $1 each from sh..shi…not-the-best websites. There is no way to separate those clicks. doesn’t offer such an option.

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    I always think that the basis of keywords traffic is important and so I pay more attention on google. but this is happens when I have poor experiences on ppc. conversion is everything....

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    Im using microsoft ad center but ive also used the google adwords and yahoo!' advertising. i have a personal review of the three in my blog

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    I like Google the best so far only because I can get my cpc way down by getting my ctr and quality score up. Once I turn a profit with adwords I move the campaign to yahoo. So far it works in yahoo as well although my cpc is a bit higher. Still need to figure out how to get it down.

    Anybody know how to get cpc down in Yahoo?


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    From a merchant standpoint, we see a much higher level of success with Google and Bing (Microsoft). Yahoo is simply so-so. Strangely with Bing, we have wide swings in numbers of conversions too - sometimes we're converting over 20% with them, and sometimes next to nil. Google is consistent and healthy, whereas Yahoo lags behind.
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    Google experience
    I am using google adwords right now, the hardest part about ppc is using the right keywords, for sure.

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