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    Two Tier Program
    How would an affiliate recommend another affiliate? Does SAS provide a link or functionality to do so? In one of the program I am managing, we are planning to add this Two Tier program but not sure if that would actually work!!! On top, SAS help menu sucks!! Have no info on that.


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    SAS offers links to sign up new affiliates to SAS. Some programs offer tiered commissions. Ask Sarah or Carolyn for help if you can't find the information in the interface.

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    Also, you might want to research affiliate opinions about two-tier programs. Here are some threads:

    Does 2-tier structure influence your decision of joining a program?

    2 tier or not to tier?

    Two Tier or not Two Tier

    Two Tier ... thoughts and feedback please

    While some affiliates like two-tier programs, most view it as a negative.

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    I've been trying to figure this out for years. How to refer a subaffiliate to a particular program on SAS? Through a "to SAS" referral link? Or through a "to merchant's site" referral link?
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    If the merchant has a two-tier program available, there will be a "Join Merchant Program" tracking link available in the merchant's "Get Links" section.

    Taking into account Michael's posts listed above (definitely good food for thought), if you were looking for available two-tier programs in ShareASale, simply go to "View/Search Merchant List," then in the links below, click "Advanced Search." On the right, you'll see a checkbox for "Two-Tier". Et voila

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