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    I noticed that sometimes I have users connected to me when I shut down my Win98SE. They are comnnected to IPC$. Look slike this folder is here:

    c:\program files\common files\\Gre\ipc

    What is this?

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    in NT-land that is a hidden share that only the god-password can reach. if it was the root of my main drive I'd be nervous.

    someone ought to know what this connection is all about.

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    No idea what it is, but it sounds like you need a firewall.
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    Once your desktop has loaded, don't open any windows or programs. If you have any program that load automatically like MSN Messenger or ICQ, close them. Firewall and antivirus are fine, don't close them.

    Click on start, run. Type command. It takes you to DOS.

    There type: netstat -a and hit enter. Wait for the entire log to load. If it asks you if you want FTP to connect to the internet, say no.

    It will show every connection to your computer. If you see anything that isn't your ISP IP address, you need to do a search for it. If you want to know the ISP of the programs running, type:

    netstat -p

    put the results in a search engine, leave out the cs****** or whatever numbers you have at first and only typing the unknown connections.

    nbsession, nbdatagram, nb*** whatever is normal.

    Hope this helps.


    PS: If you do need a firewall, I have a good site for you where you can get the best one.

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    >They are connected to IPC$

    Sounds like the new Windows wornm that's in the wild.


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