I'm not sure this is the best forum to post this in because this isn't really parasiteware, but a toolbar that strips ads off a page isn't a friendly toolbar for us.

Readability is something a user adds to their bookmarks toolbar that, when chosen, strips everything but the text off the page.

Interestingly, this doesn't work well with sites that have lots of disparate editorial content. The home page of a newspaper, for example, will get rid of everything but the lede to one of the stories. But if you're reading one particular story, it will do what it is supposed to do.

Also, because Readability essentially just refreshes a page without the page clutter, you still see all the ads before the refresh occurs. And I can't see an option where you tell every page to show up in Readability mode.

Still, I wonder if we'll see other toolbars like this. You know, "Download our toolbar/software for $15 now and never see another ad on your computer again." Or something like that.