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    New Year's Eve Fireworks - TIME WASTER
    Happy New Year!
    At this time of year I like to share the link to a time-waster - a fireworks display that you control with the click of a mouse:

    (CLICK the picture.) - Enjoy (...or not, as the case may be. )
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    jacked by sylon
    Happy New Year!

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    Hey, Happy New Year, anyway . . . it's the only fireworks we can see as it is snowing here.

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    Happy New Year Bill!
    My guy is a pyro-nut so he's putting on a show tonight for us

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    ooooh! aaaaaaawwwwwww! coooool! I love that one! lol

    Happy New Year!
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    We will watch the whole island light up tonight with fireworks and crackers at midnight.

    Back in MA it would have been a quiet night and pass by unnoticed.

    Not so in the Caribbean...

    Should be lots of fun...

    Happy New Yer to All!

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    I liked that
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