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    Question on the b= field on SAS links
    I have several links to Imagekind, most of which contain "&b=63370" in them. It's my understanding that SAS inserts that number and it has something to do with banners, but since these are links to member's or museum art pages,I don't get the connection. Today I spotted some of my SAS links to Imagekind that contain other numbers such as 164765, 161046, 64959 & 64088. They're scattered through various links without any apparent rhyme or reason - to me. Can anyone explain exactly what this information is and if I should be concerned if I don't get the normal '63370' number?

    FYI - I searched through the documentation but couldn't find what I was looking for; I did find an old closed thread but it wasn't specific enough. Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Sounds like the unique banner id numbers.

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    I believe it's the specific banner or other creative used. All of the datafeed links should have one "b". All "build your own" links should have another one. The default home page link should have another one. Each text link or banner link on SAS should have a different "b". It's not too important which one your links have.

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    I build all of my own links using the SAS link creator tool. Since the links I'm discussing point to specific URLs for pieces of art I'm surprised they don't all have the same 'b=' value. I don't know what I could have done wrong since all I have to do is select 'Imagekind' in the link creator drop-down box and plug in the artwork URL without the leading 'http://'. But from what you've said I shouldn't go to the trouble of remaking the ABnormal SAS links, and that's a relief. If I do remake them I get the normal value but I've got quite a few of them with this condition. Thanks for your quick response; I appreciate the help.

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