Happy New Year Team,

Thanks to all your hard work and support on the BoatShoes.com affiliate program, I have plenty of good news to share with you as we head into the new year!

BoatShoes.com officially launched its affiliate program at the end of September 2009 and we have had great success since the inception of the program.

Thanks to you, weve made a great impact on our bottom line for the end of 2009 and we expect an even greater year in 2010.

Id like to this opportunity share with you some of you some sample stats of just some of the bonuses paid out, the number of sales we generated and program stats:

Affiliate Sample of Sales Over the last 60 days

One of our Top Producers came in with: 71 orders
Another Affiliate came in with: 31 orders
Another Gruop came in with about: 27-35 orders
Last Place Gruops came in with: 18 orders or lower

ShareASale Averages

7 Day EPC: $33.35
7 Day Reversal Rate: $0.0
7 Day Conversion Rate: 3.23%
7 Day Average Sale: $85.92

30 Day EPC of $42.12
30 Day Conversion Rate: 4.51%
30 Day Reversal Rate: 5.89% (Customers who simply cancelled their orders)
30 Day Average Sale: $84.47

Affiliate Bonuses Paid Out

We officially paid out a total amount $1500 in bonuses for November and December 2009.


Were you on the receiving end of some of that cash?

Did you enjoy a nice boost during the 4th quarter?

Did you join the BoatShoes.com Affiliate Program?

Dont worry you have plenty of opportunity in January and 2010. Make sure you get your bonus boost when we offer them, they make working and supporting BoatShoes.com that much sweeter, JOIN BOATSHOES.com Now!