Hello Team,

I hope your enjoying the New Year and expect great things in 2010, I know I am! Just wanted to briefly touch base with our affiliate partners and let you all know that I just finished a brief article available to affiliates on the BoatShoes.com affiliate program regarding 3 deadly mistakes to avoid in 2010.

If you havent JOINED or become a partner of the BoatShoes.com affiliate program, I suggest you do. A free copy of this article is available to our affiliates by joining today, enjoy the small snipet below:

3 Important Reminders for Affiliate Marketers to Consider in 2010

"As Vice President of Andy Rodriguez Consulting, I receive numerous emails and phone calls from affiliate marketers wanting our advice on what they should focus on when it relates to building sites and traffic streams for their affiliate business in the New Year and over the next 3-5 years. Although I feel itís impossible to really predict what could happen in the next 6 months in our industry, let alone the next 3-5 years, I do think itís safe to say that major changes that took place in our industry between the years of 2006-2009 will pave the road for affiliate marketing in 2010 and beyond.

I decided to develop a short article focusing on some of the major issues confronting our industry and as our affiliate partner, you should be the first to read the importance of the principles I am about to discuss.

Take a quick look at the following issues that you should keep in mind before updating and building a new site or project in 2010. Itís no secret that that these minor updates made by the FTC commission and the advent of Social Media will shape the way affiliate marketing and internet marketing will be conducted in the future. I thought I would start with the first three issues that might be of some importance and expand upon them in future articles. Take a look at the following areas of risk that should absolutely be taken into account when updating or developing your affiliate site(s):

1. Avoid False or Exaggerated Claims-Beware of using wording in customer testimonials. The FTC will look to penalize those who choose to ignore the repercussions of false claims (link available in article)

2. Full Disclosure and Transparency- in your financial/marketing relationship with the merchants whose products you promote. Consumers need to know that......." Read More by Joining BoatShoes.com TODAY!