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    As this world is ripe with hackers and vandals, my guess is that some of you have had your links hijacked and posted without your permission to newsgroups or used in spam. How did you save your relationship with the merchant and affiliate program company?

    We are considering using sub-affiliates. What would you recommend we do should one of them spam or become disgruntled and post our links in an unacceptable manner? Will merchants and affiliate program companies drop us cold or will they be understanding? Any suggestions?

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    WOW! This scenario has never occurred to me.

    Some people really do have a twisted mind.

    I would think that if you have proof that you either kicked this affiliate out of your program or that they left on their own, networks would be understanding. Many legitimate companies and so many ezine publishers have been accused of spam unjustly. This happens every day I'm sure. If this happens to an affiliate, there's got to be a way to prove that they were not the spammer. Especially if it's a long-time affiliate who has never had any serious problems with merchants.

    Doesn't innocent until proven guilty work online? I guess not with Spamcop, but with merchants and networks?

    Most of us are "professional marketers" here and I think the chances of that ever happening are not very high. God I hope I'm right on this one! LOL


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