Google Affiliate Network is excited to announce the affiliate program!

Program Highlights:
12% commission
Commission duration 30 Days

Unlike other Internet closeout sellers, which sell thousands of different items, sells one item a day. Items previously sold include consumer electronics, personal care, home and garden, toys and jewelry. Each item is put on sale at midnight and the "deal" lasts for 24 hours (unless the item sells out before that time.) There is a countdown clock on the front page of the website. Scroll down and the consumer can see videos of Charlie Shrem explaining the items, showing how they're used, and what comes in the package. These videos, show each item for sale and a demonstration of how it's used, infused with humor and jocularity.

In just 4 months of operation, we have worked hundreds of Daily Deals, and have a subscriber list of over 7000 people.


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Contact: Charlie Shrem - cshrem[at]