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    How to find affiliates?
    Hi everybody,
    I would like to ask here a question about how can we get affiliates to
    promote our product?
    We created special sign up page and we use Idev Affiliate system for that.
    Currently, we have nearly 180 affiliates promoting our product.
    So, what can you recommend us to get more affiliates to our board?
    To join some affiliate network like ShareASale?
    To join couple of them?

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    Joining a big name program probably one of the best moves you could make because your program will have the attention of their established affiliate base and get extra support to your program and site(s).

    Just connecting with affiliates can be a great source of building your program. Affiliate Summit West is right around the corner. Also, make sure you are maximizing your current affiliates by keeping connected with them and making sure they have what they need.

    When I find myself bored I like to go out and hand pick sites that look like they could use some help monetizing and are relevant to my products to see if they want to try our programs out.

    Also, ABW's display rates aren't bad for getting some banners on the largest affiliate community on the web, if you want to throw some money at it. Just some food for thought...

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