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    Another Web Services Datafeed Client" question
    I've managed to integrate this into an existing site template and so far pretty pleased with the results

    One issue I'm wondering about though... on the homepage, all of the same links that appear in the navigation column also appear in the main content area. This seems redundant. Is there a way to knock those out, and just display the "featured products", without these redundant links on the page?
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    I think I can handle this one If not David can come in and help out.

    davidh, there is no way to remove the main content area navigation and keep the featured products as they are all pulled in using the same variable, ie, the [PAGE_CONTENT] variable.

    What I would suggest (and I've seen this done quite a bit) is to remove the column navigation variable - [PAGE_NAVIGATION] - and then you can either create a custom sidebar nav or leave it out of there altogether.

    Another good practice is to create a custom entry page into your feed subscription that deep links to the categories, product groups or products of your choice...almost like a site map for the subscription. By using a custom entry page like this it also makes it easy to reference multiple feed subscriptions on your site, from multiple merchants.. if you have them.

    Hope this helps, GM

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