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    Unhappy How to import so many products into database?
    I have a comparision shopping site ( Removed ), i don't know how to import so many products into suitable category ? The script has a category mapping function, but there are so many categories in the to import products into correct category automatically? and the import speed is low too,i just can add 50-60k products per day.
    anybody knows how to solve this problem? and which company can redevelop this script?
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    Dealing with datafeeds is a huge task, and the issue of "categories" is viewed by some web publishers as one of the most difficult aspect. (Just try searching for "datafeed category" using the ABW search function.)

    The key problem is that each merchant chooses its own methods for categorizing products (and some offer no categorization at all). Some merchants even include the same product multiple times (once for each category that matches). Others use categories that are not really helpful (if you want to promote football-theme products, it doesn't really help you if a merchant categorizes San Francisco 49ers football jerseys as "clothing" or "men's shirts" -- categories which are absurdly broad in the context of a company that sells football memorabilia, but perhaps appropriate for an electronics company that offers one company-logo t-shirt).

    You're not going to find an off-the-shelf script for this, and from experience I can tell you that trying to create a solution is a great way to go crazy (see the discussions linked from this post).

    It's not impossible. It is very, very difficult.

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