I have inserted the HTML onto my website exactly as it is on the CJ site. I am registering clicks and impressions but no leads (with my partner Apartments.com, i.e. client submitting a form). I have worked with clients on the phone, and taken them step by step to ensure they are actually filling out the form. They are.

When you hover over the link on my website, the link URL address shows up at the bottom of the page in the loading area. The first part of the link that has my tracking code. The PID and AID shows up however at the end of the link, the code does not show up. It says Commjunct&partner=comjunct and sku.... (depending on the property)

Also, once you click on the link, when it goes to Apartments.com, there is no tracking code in the URL. I have not selected the option to hide the tracking code.

To further complicate things, when I tested this back in September, one lead did register on September 27th! I did not log back in until recently and now I cannot get leads!

CJ Cust service also confirmed that my HTML is inserted correctly?

Here are my questions:

1. If the site is registering impressions and clicks, is it set up properly? What would cause you not to get leads?

2. Is the URL once you click always show the PID and AID or is it hidden, depending on the advertiser.

3. Does it matter if it is an H2 where the link is?

3. Does my inactivity matter? I did not log for two months.

4. Is it passible that batch processing is set up? I have no idea how this would have happened.

Please advise on how to fix this problem. I am lost!!!