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    Arrow where should i invest?
    Dear All,

    I need some ideas about best options to advertise my Affiliate Program. I am head of Affiliate Program and already looking to invest in ShareASale Featured member option. Does anyone think it will be a profitable idea. also i am looking for more advertising options. Can anyone tell me where should i do advertising for good returns and converstions....

    Regards, Craig

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    5,636 has been productive for many merchants.

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    Yes i asked for the quotation today morning... lets see what they respond

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    To answer that, you might consider where affiliates LOOK for affiliate programs.

    Expanding on the list there:

    1) Browsing or searching the list of merchants on my favorite networks.

    Make sure you have maximum exposure at your network. Add all keywords relevant to your site, so that you show up when affiliates search for them. Advertise there.

    2) Seeing a merchant listed on another affiliate's web site and checking to see what network they are on (or if they have an indie program).

    Have a continual recruiting process, and offer activation bonuses, so that you can become more visible.

    3) Finding them here on ABW, often because they're managed by one of my favorite OPMs.

    Consider an OPM and/or some sort of advertising here. Participate more here, so that your name becomes more familiar.

    4) Meeting the affiliate manager at Affiliate Summit or one of the network-specific conventions.

    Attend and exhibit at Affiliate Summit and other industry conferences.

    5) From visiting the merchant site, thinking they would be a good match for my site, and looking to see if they have an affiliate program (often they will have an "Affiliates" link in the footer of their home page).

    You have a link on the bottom of your site, so you're good here.

    6) From Revenue magazine.

    I have a feeling their ads are probably outside of your price range and wouldn't be effective for you, but perhaps you could write an article and try to get it published?

    7) From an email that the affiliate manager sent to me. (It usually has to be pretty targeted - I get hundreds of these every week.)

    Seek out affiliates / website owners who could most effectively promote you and contact them directly.

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