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    Hiring an OPM / AM ?
    Hey every one,

    I have a few questions:

    1. In your opinion, do most successful affiliate programs have experienced and reputable AMs/OPMs managing their programs?

    2. Do well-performing affiliates strongly prefer an affiliate program that has a reputable affiliate manager?

    I would also appreciate any other input you have on the major benefits of hiring a reputable/experienced AM/OPM, as opposed to doing it yourself for the first time (except the obvious).

    Thanks a lot for the help.

    Theo B.

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    I am aware of some "successful" affiliate programs that are run almost on "auto-pilot," with only part-time attention from one staffer.

    I am also aware of many programs that have failed despite extraordinary skill by an affiliate manager.

    I am aware of several OPM agencies that actually do very little work, and I know of merchants who use those agencies with success and others who haven't seen a single transaction.

    In theory, I suppose I'd prefer a program that's managed by someone skilled. However, as a web publisher, I've earned a lot of money from merchants whose programs were on "auto-pilot," and if they'd hired a competent marketing staff or affiliate manager, I probably would not have made nearly as much money.

    I've always believed that merchants should bring the affiliate manager role in-house, if they can allocate adequate resources to that role. However, most merchants would probably see better performance by using an outside affiliate manager (OPM/agency), during the "launch phase" at least.

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    I'm a HUGE fan of OPMs. There's a tremendous amount of leverage, knowledge and time savings that they have by dealing with multiple merchants.

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    You also have the option of hiring an OPM on a consulting basis if you prefer to keep your program in house or don't have the budget to hire one to manage your program. Like Michael said, by bringing on an affiliate manager with the knowledge base and the skill set, you help set up, launch and manage your program with your best foot forward.

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