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    Positive News: Consistent Ebay Commissions
    October + November + December have yeilded a consistent flow of income for me from Ebay. Not positive yet how I fully feel about the QCP model but payout consistency is of greater weight to me. Those 0.00 days with no justification a few months ago were outrageously frustrating.

    I realize everyone may not be experincing the same results I am but it seems the threads here also seem to be cooling down - so maybe that's a guage that things are improving at least as far as consistency.

    In addition to negative feedback when things are going wrong, the Ebay Partner Network staff deserve acknowledgement when things are improving and/or going better for their affiliates. (That said, this isn't really the thread for negative comments so please avoid posting them here unless you feel you absolutely must).
    "God moves imperturbably, slowly, and with perfect organization. The only wise rate at which to live is God's rate. God get things done and they are done right and He does them without hurry. He neither fumes nor frets. He is peaceful and therefore efficient." - Norman Vincent Peale

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    Yes I absolutely must.

    EPN is despicable.

    I'm not complaining any longer because I've pulled 90% of my Eshit links and hope to get the rest of them into the garbage soon.

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    I'm with you GoColts, glad I didn't bolt. I've got 2 BANS stores that quietly bring in mid 3-figures each month. All from B & Y. QCP has seen my ebay income rise slightly.

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    Consistently very low EPC; income from EPN was never big, but is pretty much just minuscule.

    But, yeah, consistent -- no matter what I try, it stays consistently low.
    Generate more fake news.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToughTurkey
    I've got 2 BANS stores that quietly bring in mid 3-figures each month. All from B & Y. .

    what is "B & Y" ?

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    Bing & Yahoo (not Google) would be my guess.

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    Yes, it would have been clearer if I had said all 'traffic' from B&Y. I specified that because at the back of my mind is always my desire to have a solid monthly income that doesn't rely on Google.

    Part of that plan is the equation EPN+B+Y = -G

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    Hopefully you have good listings with B with that switchover coming sometime this year.

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