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    "Since the Can-Spam Act went live, hundreds of spammers have been sued by an alliance of 800-pound gorillas: Yahoo!, EarthLink, AOL, and Microsoft."
    "WIRED: Four tech giants go to court to solve a technology problem. Is this really the best way to tackle spam?
    SEAGRAVES: The focus of the lawsuits is to get spammers to stop. With the four of us going at it at the same time, it's definitely sending a deterrent message. This isn't the only thing we're doing, but it's certainly a start. It's one way to put spammers on the run."

    Read more: The people responsible are here in the US


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    Would be nice to see the affiliate industry's champion spamming Dupers no longer being able to overwrite billion of our carefully set cookies with e-mail flyers. Charlie and I still profess that a digi-eStamp fee based universal e-mail system is the only cure to spammers.

    No spammer or e-mail marketer has a clue on ways of putting a 1/100th of a cent value into each e-mail offer....let alone 1 penny!
    Webmaster's... Mike and Charlie

    "What have you done today to put real value into a referral click...from a shoppers viewpoint!"

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    Now if only the affiliate networks would sue traffic hijackers instead of licking their boots there would be some hope that the industry would mature and be viewed as respectable instead of being bunched in with the likes of chain-mailers and other con artists.

    Just ask Symantec

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