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    Javascript Pros /Cons

    Can some one tell me if using Java script actually blocks any content on your site from being indexed by the search engines? I may have to use it on a small site I dont want to move to a different host yet.( A host that supports PHP ), But I would like the content as searchable as possible.


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    jacked by sylon
    Search Engines read the page html when indexing your site. Javascript includes do not show up in your html (it is added by your browser) therefore SEs don't see it and it is not indexed.

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    Presumably, but I'm not confident of that.

    I just made some changes on one of my sites that would let people change the way things are displayed. Since I didn't want any of the variations indexed by search engines, I used cookies to control the variations and JavaScript to generate the links to the pages that let the users change the settings and set the cookies. I figured the Search Engines would never see it.

    I looked through my logs to see how many users were playing with the variations and what options they were choosing, and lo and behold, there was GoogleBot chomping it all up.

    Now I don't know if they read the JavaScript and found it that way, got it from Google Analytics, got it from Google Toolbar users, or if I somehow accidentally had a link somewhere in plain HTML, but it raised questions in my mind.

    If you don't want them to index something, you need to explicitly disallow them.

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