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    LinkShare Affiliate Program
    I'm rather new to the affiliate scene and I was wondering if LinkShare was a good place to start? What would be a popular choice?


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    As a merchant or an affiliate?

    As an affiliate, I think it probably makes more sense to look at the MERCHANTS you want and then join whatever networks they're on. Another factor for affiliates is the payment cycle. With LinkShare or Google Affiliate Network, you typically get paid 2-3 months after the end of the month. With ShareASale, CJ,, AvantLink, AffiliateFuture, and most others, you get paid about 20 days after the end of the month.

    As a merchant, the network is a much bigger choice and I recommend quite a bit of research and due diligence before picking one.

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    [This is assuming that you are starting out as an affiliate and not as a vendor]

    No, LS is actually the least popular. Everything about LS has a question mark to it. Tracking, reporting, association with parasites, a toolbar company that's also a sister company.

    If you are starting new, start with someone else. With LS, you won't know if its your website that isn't converting or if its the poor tracking with LS.

    Finding a merchant in LS that converts is a long and arduous process.

    I have had merchants who haven't had a single conversion in years.

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    Here is a list of Pros/Cons of Linkshare, thought it might help you with your decision. Good Luck.
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    My apologies for not specifying, I am managing our merchant account at LinkShare and within a month their practices seem sketchy to me. I am looking for an affiliate program that is beneficial to both the affiliate and the merchant.

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