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    number of affiliates

    I am a new merchant on ShareAsale and just would like to know how many affiliates you succeeded to recruit via ShareAsale.

    Also - how many views/month can I expect in average for each affiliate?


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    Just having an afilliate sign up for your program does not mean anything, have they added you to thier site?

    Some affiliates join a program with 'future' plans in mind, those plans may or may not happen, they may find a similar program with better terms or products or any of 100 reasons for not doing anything with your program.

    In my case I have many affiliates that have said they plan to push my products at select times of year, my products are often thought of as seasonal and are a much easier sell during the chocolate holidays. So also depends on what you are selling, is it seasonal, does it fit with thier site and dozens of other factors.

    Lastly: is your program clean and set up with a TOS that would attract affiliates? , read the sticky threads on becoming a merchant/best proctives at and

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