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    I posted this on another forum, but I want to hear the affiliate experts opinions...

    I am wondering if anyone has an idea why Enigma Software Group is SO successful? Their flagship spyware removal product is 'good' but not great and there are many free removal tools available. Why do they flourish in this market? From the ads I have seen I imagine a large portion of their sales are from their affiliate program. But I am still left with the question of how in the world do they have a 700 (and rising) alexa ranking? Nothing I have seen sets them apart from any other product/company in this industry. What am I missing?


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    Had to look it up to see who they were, Syphunter.
    Spybot and AdAware on the most popular and free.
    Alexa ranking means nothing. Just that they visit their own site with it turned on

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    A couple links about this company's advertising practices:

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